Without further it is, the cover for my new book:


Series: Memories From Yesterday Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 26th 2017
German Rights sold to: Heyne, Random House

Pre-order Now:

My name is Lucy Tucker, and my life…it was perfect.
I worked the dream job. I had the most incredible family and friends. My home, Whispering Willows, a ranch in Montana, was everything I could ever wish for. My adoring fiancé, Samuel Stone, loved me unconditionally.
I had everything a girl could ever want.
But one fateful event shattered my perfect life. It’s unimaginable how simple, ordinary words can change a person’s life forever. For me those words were, “There’s been an accident.”
I thought Sam was my forever, but that forever came to a close the day Saxon Stone, Sam’s identical twin brother, came back. Saxon returned to Montana to help save Sam, however, the moment he entered my life, he turned my world upside down. But through chaos I somehow found clarity—clarity of who I was meant to be.
As time progressed, as seasons changed, and as a fire began to burn, I soon realized that Saxon was there for another reason…he was there to help save me.

Thank you Melissa Gill at MG Bookcovers & Designs for designing this beautiful cover.

Hebrew Cover for Addicted to Sin 2!

I am in love with this Hebrew cover for ADDICTED TO SIN 2!

Books, books, and more books!

Yes, it's true! I have three books releasing!

So excited! Thank you, Patricia Wonderland, for this graphic. And thank you to my wonderful agent, Kimberly Whalen from The Whalen Agency!

Cover reveal May 24th!!

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